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We assist over 50 franchise brands in Israel, 14 of which are from North America and Europe. Our team of franchise experts, lawyers, brokers and consultants are recognized by the US Commercial Services in Israel, Edwards Global Services, Franchise Arabia, Global Franchise Magazine, MFV franchise exhibitions, MEA Business Awards and many more franchise executives around the world as being the most trusted and professional franchise consulting company in Israel.

Why Choose Us

Our founder and CEO, Steven Wolfson has over 35 years of International Franchise Experience, which includes having been on the team of country developers for Subway for 9 years. In 2011, Steven founded IFI (Israel Franchise Institute), which now represents or assists over 50 local and international franchise brands in Israel, some of which are the largest in the world in their category. In 2020, we received the MEA Business Award “Best Franchise Development & Education Consultancy in Israel”. In addition, Steven is currently the chairman for the committee for Promoting and Regulating Franchising in Israel for LAHAV (Israel’s Chamber of Independent Organizations and Businesses). Steven is also a certified arbitrator and mediator (Bar Ilan University), chosen as the preferred mediator and arbitrator for the Israeli Center of Mediation and Arbitration. We work closely with all the major chambers of commerce including the US Commercial Services and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. In addition, we have strategic partnerships or associations with the likes of Global Franchise Magazine, MFV Expositions, Franchise Arabia, EGS – Edwards Global Services, LAHAV, Center for Mediation.

We succeed at what we do because we fully understand and respect the immense value of how franchising contributes to small businesses and the economy, as well as the major impact which International franchise brands have on retail in Israel and other parts of the world.

Legal Services

We cooperate closely with the 4 law firms in Israel who between them look after the interests of over 80% of the franchise community in Israel (Franchisors and franchisees alike). Depending upon your legal requirements, the “Legal Eagles” we recommend, can ensure that all your legal requirements will be taken care of correctly. Such services include legal representation in Israel, setting up your legal entity, translating your agreements into Hebrew or Arabic, or ensuring that your trademarks and IP are sufficiently protected in Israel.

Franchise Law or Regulation in Israel

In so far as legal requirements for franchising in Israel, there is no franchise law per say, and Franchisors are not required to exhibit an FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). The legal relationship between the franchisor and franchisee is bound by a commercial legal agreement between the parties, which are subject to general applicable commercial laws in Israel. The only specific regulation of franchise agreements in Israel may include certain antitrust rules, which define certain requirements in order for a franchise agreement not to be deemed as a “restrictive arrangement”, which may be subject to the approval of the Israeli Competition Authority.

As for the future, we are very proactive towards making positive changes in Israel. Steven Wolfson is the chairman for the committee for Promoting and Regulating Franchising in Israel for LAHAV, Israel’s Chamber of Independent Organizations and Businesses. Steven is also a certified arbitrator (Bar Ilan University), and accordingly, is the elected arbitrator and mediator for franchise related conflicts at the “Israeli Center for Mediation and Arbitration”.

Strategic Partnerships and Associations

Steven has recently formed a strategic content partnership with Global Franchise Magazine, where some of his international articles can be read. Due to his business development skills, Steven has been elected as the the exclusive EGS (Edwards Global Services) associate in Israel; he is the strategic partner in Israel for Franchise Arabia (the largest and most influential franchise consulting and recruitment platform in the Middle East); and in addition, we are the exclusive representatives in Israel for all the MFV franchise exhibitions around the world.

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