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Over the years, Steven Wolfson (founder of IFI) has made many friends with highly regarded franchise executives from around the world, and in some cases, has been asked to share his expertise about Israel and franchising in general. To this end, Steven has entered many strategic franchise related partnerships with many Global leaders in franchising.

Our Associates and partners

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Franchise Law & Legal Advice in Israel

Franchise Law and Regulation in Israel:

In so far as legal requirements for franchising in Israel, there is no franchise law per se, and Franchisors are not required to exhibit an FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). The legal relationship between the franchisor and franchisee is bound by a commercial legal agreement between the parties, which are subject to general applicable commercial laws in Israel. The only specific regulation of franchise agreements in Israel may include certain antitrust rules, which define certain requirements in order for a franchise agreement not to be deemed as a “restrictive arrangement”, which may be subject to the approval of the Israeli Competition Authority. 

As for the future, Steven Wolfson (Founder of the Israel Franchise Institute), in his role as the Chairman of the Committee for the Promotion and Regulation of Franchising in Israel for LAHAV (the Israel Chamber of Independent Organizations and Businesses), is highly involved in promoting and forwarding franchise regulation in Israel. Steven has introduced the IFI franchise STANDARDS program, which will be launched later in 2021, together with the IFI franchise code of Ethics.

Franchise Advocates in Israel:

The Israel Franchise Institute works closely with the leading franchise lawyers in Israel and will be happy to share its recommendations with you.


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