Our Services

We offer you our 35 years of award-winning International Franchise Experience.

Franchise Recruitment Services and Representation

We assist international brands enter Israel. We can expose your brand to the Israeli master franchisee community and broker a deal on your behalf, or you can advertise your brand to the Israeli franchise community by advertising on our franchise recruitment portal.

We assist International and Local brands expand abroad. In some cases we have also successfully succeeded in assisting non Israeli brands with their international expansion plans beyond Israel

Local Representation

  • Flag Ship and launching into Israel. Due to our vast “hands on” franchise experience, we are in the position to assist you or your master franchisee get started in Israel. From legal assistance of setting up an Israeli legal entity, to sourcing (and negotiating) your first location, source local suppliers, assist with staff recruiting, assist with training and assist with your “grand opening campaign.”

  • We can be “your boots on the ground”. Our expertise includes our ability to ensure local compliance of your operational procedures and standards. We can offer this service as your local representatives or via mystery shopping programs. In addition, we can assist with local training on your behalf.

Legal Services

  • We work with the most recognized franchise attorneys in Israel, who can offer you all the necessary franchise related legal representation and services required for a foreign company to successfully operate in Israel. Such services can include local counsel, Franchise contracts and legal translations into Hebrew.

  • Local Mediation and Arbitration:
    Steven Wolfson is a certified arbitrator (Bar Ilan University), and accordingly, is the elected arbitrator and mediator for franchise related conflicts at the “Israeli Center for Mediation and Arbitration”.

  • International Franchise Arbitration Services:
    The chairman of the Israeli Center for Mediation and Arbitration – Advocate Gideon Fisher – a certified Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and former judge of the Court of International Arbitration of the ICC, and who graduated magna cum laude from the University of Cambridge, offers his Arbitration expertise and services towards solving International conflicts between Global Franchisors and Master Franchisees. 

Market Research

What works in some countries do not necessarily work in all countries. Israel is no exception. Our population is dynamic and made up of many cultures. In so far as food chains are concerned, should your menu be Kosher, Halal or Secular? In which parts of the country would they be best suited? If your brand seasonal, is the Israeli climate suited for it? Is your franchise service orientated? To what extent do Israeli’s require such services? What are the pros and cons of opening a legal entity in Israel? We can assist you with various levels of market researches and assist you reach the best decisions in so far as expanding in Israel.

Consulting Services

  • We assist local and international businesses convert their concepts to franchised chains. Such services include helping our clients create franchise models, business plans and-roll out strategies.

  • We assist local and international franchises with their franchise related marketing recruitment material.

  • We assist franchise companies create, translate, or update their operations and training manuals.

  • We have vast experience with franchise relations and assist franchise organizations with managing their franchisor – franchisee relationships.

Arbitration and Mediation

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